Mountainous Provinces

Mountainous Provinces


The enchantment of creativity

The mountainous provinces of Paggaio and Symvolo have the power to enchant the votary of beauty, history and tradition. Among a green-clad surrounding with spring waters, one can ramble in bygone time castles such as Vranokastro in Palaiohori, N. Peramos, Anaktoroupolis or Folia with its astonishing folklore museum.




The visitor can stroll along the stone paved streets or take photos of traditional mansions made by stone, too. Crossing the arch-shaped bridges, constructed by hewed solid rocks, would be a perfect experience and finally taking a rest under the tall plane trees could reward The tidiness and hospitality are two common characteristics of our local people in Moustheni, Nikisiani, Palaiohori and other villages.




The Museum of Wax Effigies in Kipia is also another interesting choice. In almost all these places one can find clean and well-equipped lodgings. The Mesoropi path has something that the rest of the villages lack? Plenty of waters. Constructed in 2006, the access to places of rare beauty has become very convenient as tourists can come across small waterfalls and lakes. Once badly formed and slippery paths, the rest areas are now dressed in benches and kiosks, little wooden bridges and stone stairs, with small waterfalls and lakes. It has benches and kiosks in the rest areas, protective fences, little wooden bridges and stone stairs. Traditional guest’s rooms in Nikisiani, Domatia, Moustheni and Mesoropi welcome our tourists all year round.




Moreover, the Forestal Village, “Dionisos” in Moustheni offers a different perception to the alternative tourism. For their daily recreation, tourists can visit Kainakia in Platanotopos, Kastanies in Mesoropi, Bostani in Moustheni, Polios Milos in Avli, Kria Nera in Nikisiani or various other villages where tasty food, local drinks and a lot of fun and games are provided to both adults and children. In a few words, every place of our municipality hides its own history and beauty.




Even the villages that do not have a striking local colour, yet because of their attractive surrounding and the diligence and sensibility of the inhabitants, they managed to stimulate the interest of tourists induce them to stay. An ideal place for treatments for various conditions is the spa baths in Loutra Elephteron where the hot water springs are suitable for many health problems. In addition, the Clay Treatment Tubs in Krinides – the neighbouring village of our municipality – has therapeutic effects and can revive the human body.





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