Live The Magic! (English Version)


Live The Magic!


Dear visitors,

On behalf of the Paggaio municipality I would like to welcome you to a charismatic land with an important historical and archeological interest and attractive beauty. In Paggaio you will find vacation opportunities, as well as short getaways during all year seasons. You will certainly be amazed by one of the most mythical mountains of Greece, the auriferous Paggaio mountain, the favorite destination of naturalists and mountaineers, the crystal and  clear seawaters along to the unique sandbeaches, the monasteries and the innumerable churches, the vast cultural heritage, the various feast events, the picturesque villages, the thermal springs and the great hospitality of the locals, with the special aesthetic and cultural sense. These are briefly some of the advantages of  Paggaio. We challenge you to feel the magic. You can arrive to Paggaio by car or bus, following the high speed road called “Egnatia”. I would also like to inform you that Paggaio municipality is situated in the middle of the two I international airports, the “Macedonia” and the “Αlexander the Great” airport of Kavala.

I invite you to visit Paggaio to discover on your own and enjoy the magic that can not be described by words.

Filippos A. Anastasiadis
Mayor of Paggaio Municipality


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